Photography by Jimmy Johnston


Executive Team


Editor-in-Chief Tova Gelfond
Editor-in-Chief Tova Gelfond is an ageless literary nerd. A recreational painter. A cat décor enthusiast. A caffeine addict. A yoga practitioner. A twitterati insider. An idea doctor. A humor seeker. An admitted glutard. A fashion slave. A relationship advisor. An amateur mixologist. A guilty-pleasure seeker. A beauty guru. Is fluent in 10 languages (9 of which she made up). And an entrepreneur who moonlights as a ninja astronaut.   @tovagelfond


Art Director Avi Gelfond
As advertising graphic designer at Tuxedo Road Magazine and now, art director of Eidé, Avi Gelfond has amassed an impressive portfolio of corporate branding initiatives, photography editing, advertising design and packaging construction. An espresso junkie and a forever-student of design, motion graphics and ads make him happy. Letters are his Legos. Archer is his Helvetica. His name is a file type and all his toys are digital.


Senior Editor Jaime Lin Weinstein
Senior Editor Jaime Lin Weinstein joined Eidé Magazine in the summer of 2012 and has since leant her expertise to the site and publication as a writer, editor and online marketing specialist. A modern-day cat lady and Emory grad (she earned her Bacherlor's degree from the college in 2008 and is a proponent of the value of a liberal arts education), she also has an affinity for white wine, coffee, naps and anything French. @jaimelin


Fashion Director Tian Justman
Fashion designer, stylist and fashion director Tian Justman has been on all sides of the fashion industry. After taking on New York internships with designer Jill Stuart, W magazine, McQ and stylist Havana Laffitte, she created her namesake fashion line and opened the Tian Justman Showroom in 2006, focusing on custom design pieces. In 2007, she became the marketing, public relations and special events manager for Saks Fifth Avenue. Now at Eidé Magazine, Tian conceptualizes, produces and styles the notable fashion editorials.