A Best Kept Secret: The Lumineers

Story by Victoria Knight

Wesley Schultz was 9 when he told the New York Times he wanted to be a drawing artist.

Growing up in a New York City suburb of Ramsey, New Jersey, Wesley replaced his pencil with a guitar and became the bandleader of a ‘heart-swelling’ folk-rock band.

It was a mix between the high cost of living in New York and the death of Wesley’s childhood friend from a drug overdose that motivated Wesley and The Lumineers to head west for Denver Colorado — what his website describes as an act of “stubborn hopefulness.”

With the addition of a cellist, The Lumineers brought together the PBR drinkers and suspender-wearers with heartfelt lyrics, a mandolin and cellist sound, and fearless love for raw acoustics.

Their first self-recorded EP in 2011 led to a self-booked tour to visit their new-found fans’ stomping grounds.

While The Lumineers have a Mumford & Sons feel mixed with an Avett Brothers vibe, they have a genuine sultry sound and are making their first visit to Atlanta’s Fox Theatre August 25.

The Lumineers may hail from the north, but their front-porch, clap-and-stomp sound might just be one of the best kept secrets in the South.