Agyness Deyn: from catwalk to cinema


The film "PUSHER"(opening today) follows the dysfunctional life of drug dealer Richard Coyle who is reduced to desperate measures in order to fix a drug deal gone bad. The film, based on the 1996 cult classic series by director Nicolas Winding Refn, has been updated with style and a very impressive leading lady: Supermodel Agyness Deyn. Deyn’s character, Flo, is heroine addict and exotic dancer — a far cry from the role of fresh-faced model who graces Vogue covers and the most in-demand catwalks in the world. In fact, Deyn has been considered the new fashion “it” girl for some time, which made her transition into film one met with some skepticism. But Deyn seems to be gifted with more than just killer looks. Her foray into acting has proven to be an impressive one — with PUSHER being her first lead and significant role, and a well-played one at that.

Eidé Magazine caught up with the talented beauty in an exclusive interview about PUSHER, her modeling career and more.

Eidé: So when you first got the script for PUSHER, had you seen the 1996 cult classic version? Agyness Deyn: I hadn’t seen it, but then someone gave it to me to watch, and when I did, I was very interested.

Eidé: I heard that when auditioning for this role, the director didn't know you were a supermodel with little acting experience, and chose you out of all your contenders. Impressive. Agyness Deyn: Yeah, it was really amazing. I was flattered, really. It felt so good.

Eidé: What did you do to prepare for this role?
Agyness Deyn: I spent time learning with a real stripper for my role. No, really! I learned what her life is like, and how working is for her.

Eidé: Were there any aspects of your character you could relate to?
Agyness Deyn: Yeah, I think there are parts of every role and character that you can relate to if you understand.

Eidé: What was the most enjoyable part about working on this film for you?
Agyness Deyn: Just working with everyone, and being on the set. Sometimes we would film for really long hours and I just loved it.

Eidé: Did your knowledge of modeling and body placement and positioning with light in front of a camera make it easier for you to do a motion picture role.
Agyness Deyn: Yeah, I think it helped. I have spent years in front of a camera, so it’s a place I feel very comfortable with.

Eidé: So are you really done with modeling?
Agness Deyn: Never say never (laughing). But I haven’t done a lot of modeling in a while because I am already working on new films. Since I am doing more acting, that doesn’t really leave any time for modeling.