Machines that once dispensed unfiltered Camel Cigarettes are having their own version of an art renaissance period, popping up in unexpected places with extremely unique contents. North Carolina Artist, Clark Whittington has found a matchless way of converting old cigarette machines into Art-O-Mats, which dispense original works of art for a modest fee of $5. The machines are filled with cigarette pack-size creations, made by more than 400 different artists and can be found in over 60 galleries, museums, shops and glitzy hotels across the country. The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is home to several of Clark’s machines, dispensing priceless works of art that become cherished vacation souvenirs. The Art-O- Mat treasure chests are quickly making their way around the country. If you haven’t stumbled upon a machine yet, visit the entire list of locations on the Art-O-Mat website and become an art collector today.