Eidé Designer Spotlight: Becca Belz Jewelry

Story by Jessica Hough

With her namesake jewelry line, Becca Belz creates a collection of statement accessories that seamlessly blend natural materials with metals, perfectly bridging the gap between earthy and refined. She combines raw, organic elements like freshwater pearls and semiprecious stones with antique chains and her own metalsmithing work: hammered silver, oxidized copper, lace textured brass. And while her chunky necklaces and rings speak for themselves, muted tones and delicate detailing keep them just subtle and versatile enough to complement, rather than overpower, their wearer’s unique style aesthetic. A native of Memphis, Tenn., Belz discovered her fascination with handcrafted adornment in a bead shop on her tenth birthday. Sine then, her love of jewelry making grew until it coalesced and blossomed at an internship in New York City with renowned jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris. While living in Manhattan, she began to design her own pieces and sell them online. She soon returned to Memphis to pursue jewelry making full-time, and is currently in the process of earning her Master of Fine Arts from Memphis College of Art. Her love of jewelry making has only grown stronger as she continues to learn more complicated metalsmithing techniques to incorporate into her designs, and her work has become increasingly artful and symbolic.

There is a certain industrial beauty to her combined use of natural and manmade materials, one that is simultaneously dark and raw and fiercely feminine.