Blazing the Bourbon Trail

bourbon barrels

The art of making bourbon spans hundreds of years. And most of it comes out of Kentucky—95% of bourbon production to be exact. Bourbon wasn’t much of a player in the grand scheme of distilling until the last several decades with the emergence of premium brands. The state of Kentucky has directly reaped the benefits of this recent resurgence of bourbon. With the building of new distilleries and warehouses, there have been more jobs available, increased exports, and $338 million in additional tax revenue since 2008. The governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, stated that now, bourbon is more than a drink; it’s a lifestyle, a culture for many people.

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail has seen a huge influx of people in the past several years too. This is a tour of six of Kentucky’s legendary bourbon distilleries. Here, where as they say, “the spirit leads you.”