Rise of Fashion South: Brooke Seraphine

Nashville, Tenn.
Jewelry available online and at boutiques in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and Mississippi.

$225 - $595 

Story by BROOKE HUTCHINS | Photography by BROOKE MORGAN 

IT’S NO SECRET THAT NASHVILLE is currently brimming with up-and-coming designers. Brooke Seraphine, creator and owner of Seraphine Designs, is one of them. Her jewelry line is both distinctly modern and timeless, featuring raw stones that she uses to create naturally elegant handmade necklaces, bracelets and rings straight out of her quaint home studio.

Focusing on the regions of the South Pacific and Central America, it was Seraphine’s degree in art education and history that first sparked her interest in exotic ornamentation. This curiosity stemmed from the encouragement of her geologist father, who also contributed to Seraphine’s rock collection that filled up small cartons in her
childhood room. A distinct eye for beauty ultimately carried her into coveted interior and event design jobs, working as a backstage event and dressing room designer while on tour with musicians like John Mayer. Seraphine even landed a position as Sheryl Crow’s personal assistant before working a production job with MTV Networks. Her tendency to lean toward clean, modern spaces made its way
into her designs for CMA Awards after-parties, Universal Music events and the homes of her Nashville clients.

By early 2012, Seraphine’s decision to stay home with her newborn daughter, plus a hobby of jewelry making for close friends, led her down an unforeseen entrepreneurial path. “It was a very organic process in the way that it all came about,” she explains. She began receiving daily phone calls from strangers who saw a friend’s piece and just had to have their own. “I really try to make my jewelry enhance the natural beauty of the stone itself, rather than melding the stone to the jewelry,” she says. And with eye-catching gems like pyrite, her signature piece, less is definitely more.

With nine U.S. retailers carrying her jewelry and a growing clientele that includes Gwyneth Paltrow and Kristen Bell, Seraphine looks forward to growing her brand while continuing to focus on the thoughtful, handmade touch that sets it apart.