DeskHub: Adventures in Coworking

by Ashley Zoerner

When asked if I would be interested in checking out DeskHub my thought process was as follows: I have a lot of deadlines coming up and it might be nice to work in a space where I don't have to worry about asking a stranger to watch my laptop every time I have to use the bathroom. I figured I'd be offered a cubicle, cup of coffee and promptly write the next great American novel.

As a freelance writer, my process isn't very structured. I have no one to answer to on a day-to-day basis, so working in my PJs at home is perfectly acceptable. At least it would be if working didn't turn into doing that last load of laundry or binge-watching FRIENDS on Netflix. You see, when you work independently, it takes a lot of discipline and self-control to be productive. These are skills I have yet to master (plus, I'm still trying to figure out if Ross and Rachel were on a break).

Most of the time, in an effort to feel like a productive member of society, I'll leave my apartment and work from a coffee shop. This involves putting on pants and brushing my teeth and exposing myself to sunlight so already I feel like a normal member of the workforce. On a good day, there is a quiet spot near an electrical outlet and everything comes together perfectly to offer you the ideal working environment. However, you still have the challenges of staying focused. There are strangers with cute kids who are eager to explain how little Sophie used to love apple juice but now she'll only drink grape juice or the guy who smells funny and just had to sit next to you despite the dozen other empty seats. Add to that Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter, oh my!

Needless to say, DeskHub was a welcome change of scenery. What is DeskHub, you ask? Let me explain. It's a flexible workspace that you can rent by the month. Whether you need one desk for yourself or 10 desks for a small start-up, DeskHub can accommodate you. It's so much more than a desk, however: it's an environment that fuels creativity. Working here the last few days made me realize what my daily routine has been missing — being around like-minded people who face the same challenges as I do. There's a buzz here that's infectious. You look over and see a fellow freelancer intensely staring at their screen, getting their thoughts to the masses or the small business owner on the phone feverishly selling their product.

When you become a member of DeskHub you have 24-hour access to the workspace. There are desks, offices, meeting rooms, kitchens and whiteboards, but the coolest thing about this concept is the camaraderie that develops between the tenants. I've worked from DeskHub for three days and have been inspired to keep chugging along. I'm not alone. We all have the same dream to make a living out of something we love.

While DeskHub only has three locations at the moment (Atlanta, San Diego and Scottsdale, Ariz.) I see a real demand for this type of service in the future. Many of us creative entrepreneurs feel the need to legitimize our brand and feed off the positive vibes of our fellow dreamers. DeskHub can help with that.