Eidé Designer Spotlight: April Look

April Look

Sun is shining. Pollen is accumulating. Sprouts are popping left and right. Must be springtime. And April Look is here to give you fellows that perfect, well, April look.  The Lithuanian-based brand finds the common thread between our southern gentlemen and Baltic boys: a shared love of bowties.  Who’d a thunk? In search of creativity and independence, April Look founders Vaida Buceliene and Agne Kimenaite delved into the world of men’s design in 2011.  “At first it seemed like a fun pastime, a sweet diversion, but now we can’t imagine doing anything more interesting and rewarding,” Buceliene remarks. Pulling from a sort of Scandanavian clean minimalism, Buceliene and Kimenaite’s work exudes an organic beauty using natural fabrics and seasonal hues.

All handmade and in limited quantity, these bow ties, neckties, and pocket squares convey a certain crafted quality gaining April Look much international attention over the past two years.  With no two items exactly the same, the distinct character breathes through the small details.  Buceliene regards the handmade process as not only charming, but a construction that gives the finished piece a completely different weight.  “It’s something of a way to communicate with the person buying the item.”