Eidé Designer Spotlight: Dream Nation

All the way from Eastern Europe surfaces a line of clothing that will help make the world a better place, Dream Nation’s eco-friendly streetwear. This innovative confluence of style and substance proves that consumption need not make us consumers. The environmental politics behind the production breathes a stirring commitment few designers in the fashion industry would ever dare to consider. Money, of course is the bottom line, but Luiza Jacob, designer/dreamer behind the Warsaw-based brand is doing just fine regardless of the costly material choices. “We believe in putting something in when you're putting something on.” And Dream Nation is seriously catching on, garnering a devoted following across Eastern Europe, Japan and America. Jacob began exploring how to make fashion “green” in response to the industry’s association with exploited labor.

Conventional cotton is a, ”bit like modern slavery,” expresses the designer, stating that over a million people a year suffer physically from detrimental effects of pesticide use in cotton production, while another 200,000 face the economic strife of escalating debt from buying such chemicals. Where conventional cotton uses 25% of the world’s pesticides, Jacobs pioneers a movement towards an ideal, well, dream nation of sorts.

In consideration of eco-friendly fashion, Jacob saw very little “fashion” offered. Tie-dye tees, yoga pants, and hemp pullovers have their time and place, but let’s just say Jacob was disappointed in the lacking variety.

Dream Nation provides an alternative with both environmental and aesthetic integrity. High quality fabrics of certified organic cotton and bamboo fiber serve as the canvas for digitally printed bold graphics of geometric patterns and landscape designs. Shapes are loose and slightly asexual, projecting a strong, fresh and funky attitude. With lines released in both women and children’s fashions this year, leggings and tunics are Jacob’s specialty.

It’s fashion on a mission. Breaking away from the common and current assumptions of clothing production, Dream Nation offers something different, something that not only considers the effects on the environment and the people within it, but works to make it all a little bit better.