Eidé Designer Spotlight: A Part of Me

By Lauren Ladov Aussie-based designers Kate Brook and Kajsa Kvernmo believe that when something is handmade its quality has the power to transcend the product itself. For such products not only exude a certain delicacy, but a narrative of another, or many others.  From the artists who design the prints to the manufacturers of the garment, more than two hands go into the construction of clothing, and Brook and Kvernmo want to acknowledge this fact and these hands. “We want a part of us to be in the garment.” And so, A Part of Me was born.

While still in school at Australia’s premiere Whitehouse Institute of Design, Brook and Kvernmo met and soon became quick friends, realizing a shared aesthetic and disposition towards design and business ethics. Wanting to draw awareness to all the hands involved in the construction of locally produced garments, they embarked on a label of their own.

APOM this season presents a beautiful marriage of innocent escapism and rustic quirkiness in a mostly neutral color palette with whispers of earth tones. Simple and very tailored shapes balance the cuteness of the line, achieving a much more sophisticated look.  With fabric choices of such genuine quality and 100% organic cottons, cozying up in one of APOM’s designs is hard to beat.

Last year they participated in Melbourne’s Fashion Exposed Debut Competition, and APOM not only received the Best Apparel Award but also was exposed to thousands of buyers, retailers, and media folk.  Thanks to such support, APOM’s emerging presence in the Melbourne fashion-environment surely has a secure future. Stocked in several boutiques and stores across the outback country, APOM’s designs have now made moves overseas partnering with online retailers like Eidé.

Want to get a piece from A Part of Me? Our shop currently features APOM’s Far Sighted Circle Skirt and the gorgeous Lost Landscape Shift Dress.