Eidé Designer Spotlight: Shannybeebo


Checking the time is an act of impatience, anxiety, boredom, and the like. But like art that hangs on a wall, the clock, too, can be a piece of admiration, reflection and beauty.  This juxtaposition is precisely what drew designer Shannon Ruby to clocks in the first place. When Ruby began, her only direction focused on the use of recycled materials - from cork to wood, to burlap, or vinyl, anything that struck a chord. “I see different things in the ordinary. Most people would pass this stuff by as junk,” the designer remarks.

With a background in nonprofit healthcare, Ruby, before her professional creative endeavors, was involved in another kind of recycling: of the blood and bone marrow variety. “I went to work daily knowing their lives depended on me, to some degree.” Fulfilling, but uncomfortable about the feeling, Ruby switched to work for a large corporation. Waking up with little purpose, the thought crossed Ruby’s mind to sell her art. Cheered on by family and friends, Shannybeebo was born, and took off, fast. “I have a million ideas and not ever enough.”

The toughest thing about starting her own business was wondering if people would love the art as much as Ruby did herself. And time has told (pun intended): “The best thing is…they do love my art!”

Ruby sees that each clock reflects the different personality of their owners.  Her most popular custom orders are for the intricately crafted paper bead clocks. So much time and energy goes into each inch of those clocks that Ruby’s spirit gets rolled up into the clock, too.  The designer’s personal favorite is probably the one from Back to The Future – “How cool was that clock?!”