Eidé Designer Spotlight: Vallarino Saltonstall

Vallarino Saltonstall

Vanessa Vallarino and Hattie Saltonstall comprise the team behind up-and-coming American fashion label Vallarino Saltonstall. Hailing from the New York area, the two met at The Savannah College of Art in Design, both majoring in Fashion Design. After taking separate directions within the industry, Vallarino in textile/print design at Li & Fung, and Saltonstall in production at Badgley Mischka, the meeting of the minds formedVallarino Saltonstall.

Vallarino Saltonstall reflects the ladies’ steadfast beliefs in quality and intimacy. Sustainably minded, the designers work hard to minimize waste in terms of fabrics and/or resources within production, use all organic materials, and choose to hand-dye and paint all of their own fabrics. From start to finish, such time, care, and handmade love seep through each thread. Their garments are constructed with unconventional tailoring to play off the body’s natural shapes and angles, giving a fresh feminine twist to modern silhouettes. Moreover, the clothing offers a variety of ways of wear; right side up, upside down, inside out, or backwards, the garments function as fluidly as the hand-dyed patterns themselves.

Producing wearable art is no easy task, but Saltonstall and Vallarino seem to do it effortlessly. Though it is hard to determine where Vallarino Saltonstall will be in the future, your closet isn’t a bad start.