Eidé Favorites From MARCIA BRYSON


We're so honored to have amazing Atlanta Style Socialite Marcia Bryson contribute this week and show us her favorite Eidé items. We are offering you 20% off Marcia's picks this week, so you, too, can achieve Marcia's style.

Just enter code: MARCIA at checkout to get your 20% off these 6 finds.  

Mint Pass the Scone Nail Polish ($10.00)

Art is Love "WIll Work for Love" Black Tank ($28)

One OAKS Navy Nautical Striped Jacket ($55)

Mamie Ruth Ororo Blanket Maxi Dress ($150)

Vallerino Saltonstall Roebling Maxi Skirt ($295)

Edor Apex Gold Necklace($29)