First Aid Kit Looks for America in Atlanta

Story by Victoria Knight 

On 4 October, Swedish folk duo First Aid Kit performed in Atlanta, GA at the Buckhead Theatre before heading west on a U.S. tour promoting their newest album The Lion’s Roar.

“Let us be lovers we’ll marry our fortunes together,” sang First Aid Kit, covering Paul Simon’s America, a cover they successfully performed at the 2012 Polar Music Prize.

The mellow synthesizer undertones, unifying harmonies and porch bluegrass may confuse some that First Aid Kit is just another folk band from the south. But the striking Swedish features of 15- and and 18-year-old Johanna and Klara Söderberg bring First Aid Kit’s roots back to Stockholm, Sweden’s southern suburbs.

The Buckhead Theatre crowd threw up peace signs, swayed in unison and clapped off beat during the concert. First Aid Kit’s full-bodied music and bohemian demeanor also has a washed-out youthfulness, as each song communicates a bold message of discovery, adventure and self reflection.

“If you’ve got visions of the past, let them follow you down,” sang Johanna and Klara in a cappella. “They’ll come back to you some day.”

Still, one can’t deny First Aid Kit’s hippie subculture and laid back stage performance that seems to woo Mother Nature’s forest fairies and typical hipster band groupies as well as attract football-loving frat boys.

The First Aid Kit tour continues ‘look for America’ through 20 October. Find out more about the First Aid Kit tour.