Me and My GTAR

This story appears in the Winter 2013/2014 edition of Eidé Magazine. Read it here, or click to read it in the issue below. 

Step aside video games; there is a new Guitar Hero in town. One step ahead of the ever-popular band game phenomenon, is the gTar by Incident, no musical experience or ability required.

Idan Beck, founder of Incident, originally set out to create a fully digital guitar as an aid for computer musicians, but since its inception, the gTar has evolved into a multi-diverse yet operationally simplistic instrument that puts the power of music and creativity in the hands of the player.

Now rolling off the production lines, the gTar is poised to change the difficulty and steep learning curves associated with music education. And with a price tag of around $400, the gTar may just be the thing to do it. The developers of the gTar believe that they are providing users a tool that will enable them to experience the joy of creating music and not just consuming it, without the need to spend countless hours on ex- pensive lessons and memorizing songs.

Incident’s success story begins with a Kickstarter campaign where the team successfully raised funds to cover the initial startup and production costs — hitting their goal of $100,000 in only 11 hours (making it Kickstarter’s most-funded music platform). Knowing that people change phones frequently, Incident has future-proofed the gTar with interchangeable docks that will keep up with all new iPhones and other smartphones.

So if you're ready to release your inner rockstar, simply download the gTar application on your iPhone, iPod or Android smartphone and insert the device into the integrated docking station (or plug it into the included adapter). The app provides instructions and LEDs light up the fretboard indicating correct finger placement (the strings and fret are designed identical to that of a traditional guitar — and bonus, it never needs tuning!).

There is a built-in intuitive Smartplay feature that detects and mutes out incorrectly played notes and aids the player through difficult songs. The Free Play feature gives options of choosing a variety of guitar model modes as well as keyboards, synthesizers and even drums, along with a multitude of available sounds and effects. Additional apps are available for use with the gTar and Incident says more are in development.

I have tried the gTar and can admit, I’m addicted. I can’t put it down. It feels and sounds like you are playing a real guitar. I am someone who has always wanted to learn to play but never wanted to dedicate the time. I just want to be able to pick up a guitar and rock, and that is exactly what gTar provides.