HappyPlayTime: Your Guide to Female Masturbation

Story by Christina Montford

You won’t go blind and you won’t go to Hell.  You won’t dishonor your family and you won’t turn into a slut. You will, however feel a hell of a lot better. Masturbation is a gift to yourself. A sexual high five, shall I say, available whenever you’re ready. But somewhere along the line, for women, it became a dirty thing that we shouldn’t do, much less talk about. Due to the social stigma, a lot of women wouldn’t even know how to masturbate if they wanted to.


Luckily, there’s an app for that. Meet Happy, “your friendly neighborhood vulva.” She’s part of HappyPlayTime, an in-the-works app with a crusade to end the shame in female masturbation. Boasting the mantra “I like to play and that’s okay!” HappyPlayTime is an interactive game with pictures and tutorials, demonstrating different ways a woman can pleasure herself. In the game, your goal is to make Happy, well … happy. Happy will guide you through it with directions like “make a circular motion here" and motivational phrases like “Oh my, I’m getting all hot and bothered.”

The app is in the beginning stages and looking for more funding. You can donate to them through Plum Alley or just stay updated with their progress at happyplaytime.com. I know I will be.