Eidé Designer Profile: HollyBeth Organics

Story by Jessica Hough 


Organic, sustainable, cruelty-free and hand-crafted  – HollyBeth Organics' skincare products don’t just give you a glowing complexion and soft skin, they make you feel a little better about the world when you use them. In a converted cotton warehouse in Atlanta, complete with 17-foot high blue ceilings and handmade birds floating overhead, HollyBeth crafts this line of all-natural skincare products and perfumes by hand (with the help of a kitchen mixer, naturally). Each of her products, from eye creams to toners and cleaners, to her signature grits and honey scrub, is at the very least 95% organic and always made with 100% natural ingredients. All this goodness started in Spain, where HollyBeth was living when a friend’s mother told her to always use eye cream. After collecting more eye creams than any girl really needs and still never being satisfied, she decided to create her own. And we’re oh so happy she did. She began selling her luscious creations purely as a hobby, until her lavender eye cream was featured in Lucky Magazine. In 2007 she began making creams full-time and expanded her product line to include perfumes, body wash, scrubs, body oils and lotions.

When asked what inspires her, HollyBeth simply says nature – and that’s exactly what we want to hear when talking about skincare. “HollyBeth Organics is effective skincare that is artisan-made with ingredients that grow in a garden and not a lab,” she tells us. As if luxury skincare made in small batches with love and garden-grown ingredients weren't enough to make you swoon, a portion of proceeds from HollyBeth’s products go to cancer research and children’s charities.