iTravel: Apple's Solving Your Travel Troubles

They say there’s an app for everything. So why not utilize a few to ease the headaches involved with travel? Whether it keeps track of your trip expenses or leads you to quirky roadside attractions— these apps can amplify your trip and make life a whole lot easier during your summer travels!

Seat Guru (free)

If you’ve ever lucked out and booked the emergency exit seat for a plane ride, you know how valuable choosing your seat is on a plane. Seat guru helps you pick your seat with color-coded maps, as well as track flight delays or cancellations.

Gas Buddy (free)

For the closer excursions, Gas Buddy helps you find the cheapest gas near you by tracking your location via GPS. An interactive map and directions makes it easy to find a cheap gas station near you so you will never overpay! 

My Travel Assistant ($2.99)

Don’t let the price detour you, this app performs a variety of high tech tasks. Track your travel expenses, convert currencies or translations in over 51 languages.

Hip Geo (free)

This app is basically a travel blog and journal that connects you through social media. Upload pictures from even remote areas of the world, the app will make posts once you are connected to wifi.

Roadside America ($2.99)

Don’t know what to do for this summer’s vacation? Have a long drive that could use some excitement? Roadside America lists quirky roadside attractions near you such as world’s largest and smallest attractions, tourist traps, unique dining experiences or museums.