Pas de Deux: Jeremy Brown & Zara Sky

This story appears in the Pre-Spring 2014 issue of Eidé Magazine. Read it here, or click here to read it in the issue.

Story by Courtney Foster | Photography by Max Eremine  

"We're writing our own book. We are writing our own story and not necessarily following traditional paths and whatnot,” Jeremy Brown says, looking at girlfriend Zara Sky.

That book is a pretty open one. Jeremy, an artist and entrepreneur, is perhaps best known for his LOVE IS ART kit, a package equipped with a large canvas and non-toxic paints that allow couples to create abstract art while making love. (It even comes complete with a body scrubber for post-intimacy cleaning.) The couple has put their own piece of art on display at charitable exhibits for the brand. Zara, on the other hand, has been continuing her road to stardom, performing all over the country and producing beautiful songs such as “Hanging onto Nothing,” “So in Love” and “Tear Down the Gates of Heaven,” which was inspired by Jeremy.

“I’ll just do whatever it takes to make it work and for you to know how I feel,” Zara explains about the message of the song. “Because in any relationship ... it’s not perfect and there are doubts. No matter how confident you are, there are gonna be doubts, you know ‘Does he like me? Does she like me?’ So the song is ba- sically saying surrender your doubts ... I feel the way that I feel and you don’t have to be afraid.”

Upon first glance, they’re simply one of the sexiest couples, period. Jeremy, with tattoos that peak from underneath the rolled-up sleeves of his button-down shirt, has a subtle nose piercing and stylish side-swept hair; Zara, with acoustic guitar in hand, is the picture of a burgeoning rockstar with flowing brunette locks and the perfect cat-eye lining her warm, almond-shaped eyes. Their soft-spoken demeanors contrast this exterior view, however, and the fiery gaze between them is magnetic.

Having been set up by a mutual friend, Jeremy first took to social media to find out more about Zara and read on her profile, “if you really want to know, just ask me out for coffee.” Their first date was, fittingly, at a coffee shop (at 7 a.m. before a flight she had to catch to San Diego). Now having been together for two years, Jeremy and Zara have cultivated a relationship that has brought a force of inspiration to both of their careers and artistic expressions.

“So, it’s like love ... unconditional love is an art because it takes time and dedication. You have to be conscious of it and put forth effort,” Jeremy explains. “With art, an artist has to put forth effort into making that sculpture or painting or whatever it is, and I feel it’s the same with love. You have to spend time and dedicate time.”