Rise of Fashion South: K Boutique

200 Manufacturers Rd.
Chattanooga, Tenn.

$24 - $700 



KATHERINE ROBERTS, creator and owner of K Boutique in Chattanooga, Tenn., has been fascinated with fashion for as long as she can remember. Years of following designers and trends soon developed beyond her childhood dreams as she traveled both stateside and internationally to pursue a career as a model, and later a stylist. But after leaving the South for a small stint, Roberts soon found herself drawn back to Tennessee.

Joining the ranks as a buyer and employee at a local boutique, she spent the next nine years discovering her passion for dressing the women of Chattanooga. But it wasn’t until a 2011 buying trip to NYC that Roberts decided it was time to create her own shopping experience for others. With the help of her husband, Rig, the store was built from the ground up in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, and the concept of K Boutique was put into motion. “The store has a mix of finds from markets and showrooms around the South, as well as unique pieces from our world travels,” Roberts shares.

With a variety of smaller, unique brands and popular labels like Sanctuary Clothing and MiH Jeans, K Boutique carries everything from apparel and handbags to candles and jewelry. For Roberts, “It’s about making our clientele feel like they’re shopping in the living room of a close friend and helping women feel confident in carving out their own personal sense of style.” Whether it’s by emailing and texting photos of inventory that they have in mind for a specific customer, or going on buying trips with a list of 40 shoppers in mind to order special pieces for, K Boutique has a special one-on-one relationship with its customers. A warm shopping experience and great design come together to ensure that K Boutique will continue to be a Chattanooga favorite for years to come.