Kick it Kanye

Okay, I get it. Kanye's a hip-hop God of sorts. And while I've never been one to swoon over a sick beat, I can absolutely understand why many do. 

What I can't understand though, is why musicians (and models, and B-list celebrities) think that they are also fashion designers. 

After a somewhat lackluster response to his first "collection," Kanye still manager to get some of his footwear (a collaboration with Guiseppe Zanotti) in stores. And by stores, I mean one store—Colette, a Parisian boutique. 

Now, Kanye's choices in footwear for himself are largely on point, but honestly, would you pay €4,420 (that's close to $6K, kids) for this ugly ass shoe? Keep cranking out those tunes, Mr. West, but please leave the fashion to the professionals.