Rise of Fashion South: Morgan Coda

Men’s suiting is customized and calculated through an emerging brand. 

Story by MEGHAN JACKSON | Photography by CLAUDIA BOST

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN you combine a former clothier with over 20 years experience, his ambitious millennial son, a technology guru, a financial advisor and an art director with a back- ground in fashion advertising? Meet Louie, Walter, Nick, Ted and Thomas, respectively. Together, they’re the creators and curators behind Morgan CODA, a unique, online platform changing the clothing experience for custom menswear one suit at a time. And each of their particular skills has enabled them to find and capitalize on the menswear niche of the fashion world and bring it to an e-commerce space.

It’s no secret that not all men have a sense of, or interest in, style (talking to you, Dads still wearing your 1992 Peachtree Road Race T-shirts). Morgan CODA is ready to be the eyes and voice of reason for men that neither know, nor want to know, the difference between a slim fit and a traditional fitting suit.

Those guys can go online to Morgan CODA for help and trust the process to easily obtain a high quality product. “That’s ultimately the goal of the business,” Thomas Bledsoe, art director — also president and chief creative officer — confirms. “Once you’ve bought one time, you know your size, you know it works and you can get whatever you want: shirts, pants, whatever else, online and indefinitely.”

The quality is unmistakable and at this point in time, every garment created by Morgan CODA is completely custom. The team takes 12 measurements from men to align with their patterns, which were created with the help of Louie Morgan’s extensive experience. But, what gets spit out to the factory is the technological side of the business: over 100 measurements created from an algorithm based on the original 12 to create a well-fitting garment ranging in price from $45 to $845. “Taking less measurements reflects the fact that you know what you’re doing; one thing should relate to another,” Bledsoe explains.

And while Morgan CODA is proving to be a promising business model, they’re committed to working as clothiers who began a start-up, rather than the other way around. “We feel like the competition in our space ... most of the businesses that are in the online zone for this are really just that. They’re businesses.” Bledsoe makes it clear that the mission of Morgan CODA is not only to provide an easy resource for men’s custom clothing, but to create a superior product. “All we offer is the best and we have a variety of prices, but we know that all of our garments are great, so somebody should be able to trust that anything they buy is going to be something that they should be proud to wear and should last them for a long time.” morgancoda.com