Real Southern: Ashley Hesseltine & Travis May

Introducing you to personalities of the South. 

Atlanta, Ga.
Creators of the Instagram account @brosbeingbasic.

(@AshHess, @TravisMMay)

Ashley: “We hope it stays around. I mean, the whole 'basic thing,' people say that it's over, but then at the end of the day, if you make people laugh, then it doesn’t really matter.”

Travis: “Yeah — ever since social media has existed — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — it’s always been this way. Girls post like this all the time. I don’t think it’s going anywhere. People aren’t going to change it. People will call me and say ‘Dude, you posted something and my next picture was the exact same picture but a girl doing it.'  And I’m like, 'That’s what we’re going for!'”

Ashley: “We want to obviously monetize it. That’s what people are doing now … people quit their day jobs because of Instagram.”

Travis: “That would be ideal … get paid to go travel and Instagram about it … who wouldn’t want that? ... But our main goal has always been to get on The Ellen Show. Since day one. Gotta get on Ellen. I’d die a happy man.”