Real Southern: Becca Jobe

Introducing you to personalities of the South. 

Atlanta, Ga.
Upcoming Stylist/Assistant with Van Michael Salon 

"Most people don't understand the hours we put in every week. We go to class on Mondays, and our Saturdays are killer. But in the best way possible. Even when you're faced with a challenge in this industry, you're loving every minute of it. You love depicting the ins and outs of what technique you may use during a cut, or what formula you're going to use on someone for their color. And when you're on your sixtieth hour of work, you're busting through it because somehow there's a light at the end of the tunnel and it sure is beautiful. Our hours are long and our work is much more than snipping some hair here and there. We push every day to send every person home feeling better than they did before they entered the salon."