Reddit Redefined: The Internet giant takes on a more than just memes

by Hannah Lenore Gray

Oh, the Internet. It can be such an evil place, where anonymous commenters wreak havoc on forums or where trolls thrive off their ability to create chaos.

However, despite all of its pitfalls, the Internet can also be a wonderful place, filled with intelligent discussion and the funniest of content. Most of this material originates in one place: Reddit. Reddit is an empire, permeating every single corner of the Internet. Essentially, it’s a form of social networking in the shape of a huge forum consisting of thousands of subreddits.

Though Reddit is known for its hilarity and status as the base of viral memes, it is also a very credible and informational site. And when I say there is a subreddit for just about anything, it’s not an exaggeration. There are subreddits consisting solely of spine-curling stories (r/nosleep) or perversely hilarious thug-life videos (r/unexpectedthuglife). But beyond the simply entertaining, Reddit is home to some pretty educational and useful stuff. The posts on the site cater to absolutely anyone and anything. Here are my picks for the best lifestyle-related subreddits:

1.     r/travel: Wanderlust is real and never-ending , but this particular subreddit can satiate even the most intense of cases (and it’s way more cost-friendly than international airfare!).

2.     r/MakeupAddiction: This particular subreddit teaches even the most inept how to perfect their makeup routine. From which products are the best to which methods work the most magic, r/MakeupAddiction is an invaluable resource.

3.     r/BookExchange: This subreddit speaks my language. What could be better than a book trade with fellow bibliophiles?! And the best part is, it’s free (bar the cost of shipping). All you have to do is engage with a user and send each other that book you’ve been dying to get your hands on.

4.     r/InteriorDesign: Advice, inspiration and tutorials are just some of the elements that make up this subreddit. Functional beauty is the theme of the forum and you can’t possibly leave without an intense hankering to re-do your entire space.

5.     r/fashion: The penultimate space to talk about trends with like-minded fashionistas, r/fashion is on the cutting edge of what’s next in the industry. Whether you want to read reviews of the latest season’s collections or keep up with news concerning all things fashion, this space caters to all. 

6.     r/malefashionadvice: Sometimes the men of the world need a little help in the style department. Enter r/malefashionadvice. This subreddit offers tips and tricks to the fashion-inept and support to the already-fashion-minded. The forum is perfect for the guy who just wants to look good or the dude who wants to stay on top of his style game.

7.     r/Design: Users of this subreddit love to converse about everything from food packaging to Photoshop. Heavily centered on technological design, r/design is a forum for those novices who want to learn, experts who can teach and the most casual of users who just want to be entertained and inspired. The weekly official “Design Critique” discussion provides a way for designers to share their work and receive constructive feedback. 

8.     r/Cooking: The ultimate place for foodies and chefs, both amateur and advanced, r/cooking is a safe space to ask about the best way to marinate a chicken or how not to burn your garlic. Visit for tips, tricks and advice from seasoned cooks.  (Bonus: r/recipes is the perfect accompanying subreddit for any of your culinary adventures.)

9. r/Photography: The perfect forum for anyone with questions about cameras or photography techniques, this space is the best blend of professionals and newbies. (Bonus: r/itookapicture is a casual place to submit your work for the viewing pleasure of fellow subscribers. It is also a forum for constructive discussion and a place to learn how to improve your own compositions.)