Who's Your Shirzanan?

Story by Lauren Ladov


Shirzanan: Farsi; pl. noun; female heroes. Athletes serve as role models and heroes for millions of children worldwide. Their talents and courage breathe the essence of inner and outer strength. But despite the strides in women's equality, female athletes seldom receive the attention of their male counterparts.

Moreover, for many young girls and women, playing a sport is not even an option. Some females have to fight in order to play.

Shirzanan Global is an initiative to fill the media void that underreports, and often misrepresents, female athletes in the media.  Originally started about a decade ago, Shirzanan claimed the title as "the first Iranian female sports magazine." Attracting nearly 6.5 million website hits, the website celebrated Muslim female athletes and shared their stories of struggle in both the Farsi and English languages. The site featured dozens of rare photo images of Muslim female athletes wearing Hijabs, inspiring girls everywhere of their limitless potential.

Shirzanan is the Persian word for "female heroes," and the relaunch of the publication celebrates precisely that. Recognizing female participation in sports as a human right, Shirzanan Global Edition will emphasize sports as both a source to empower females and improve health through physical fitness.

As a means of cultural reform, the breakthroughs in athletic participation and competition reflect incremental claims of freedom.

But it need your help to share its heroes' stories. Please help to support the campaign and make this vision a reality.

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