Southern Artists To Know: DL Warfield

Painting, Illustrating and Designing
Atlanta, Ga. 

After doing artist image development and designing album artwork for some of the music industry’s most famous names like Usher, TLC, Outkast and Pink, DL Warfield has earned the respect as Atlanta’s creative jack-of-all-trades. Warfield, with a bachelor’s degree in painting, took his first step into the music industry as the head designer of Tommy Boy Records’ clothing line. From there, his decision to switch over to LaFace Records for the role of art director took his career to the next level, as he received recognition for designing some of the most iconic album covers of our time. Warfield began his own creative agency in 2000: GOLDFINGER c.s. Since then, the company has become wildly successful in visual media, branding, clothing design and product development, providing works for companies like Nike, Sprite, Heineken, DreamWorks, Virgin Records and Coca-Cola. Warfield remains close to his artistic roots today, regularly adding to his entertainment industry-inspired collection of painted and drawn works of fine art.

Price: $4,500 - $35,000