Take A Chance On Me

PITTY: Priscilla Novaes Leone, a kick-ass and spunky female rocker better known by her stagename “Pitty”, is one of South American’s most acclaimed punk rockers. She is flanked by her band members: Martin, Duda and Joe who play the guitars, drums and bass respectively. Hailing from Bahia, Brazil, the tattooed superstar has showcased an impressive presence at award shows where she was the most awarded rock artist during the 2000s— Snatching up Artist of the Year, Video of the Year, Best Live Perfomance and more at the Brazil MTV Awards. Pitty is more than a set of lungs. She proudly uses guitar, piano, drums and keyboard as part of her repertoire—all of which she utilized when she was in the backdrop of bands like the Shes and Inkoma—before she stepped into the spotlight on her own and became one of Brazil’s most cherished and beloved voices of music. Official website: www.pitty.com 

NINA ZILLI: Nina Zilli, who at first glance looks like the perfect combination of the late Amy Winhouse and American rockstar Gwen Stefani, is a soulful vocal powerhouse from Italy. Her song “L'Amore È Femmina” was selected to represent Italy in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Combining both Italian and English lyrics, Zilli brings jazzy tunes mainstream a bit more sex appeal and a strong female presence. Official website: www.ninazilli.com

NNEKA: Afro-German infused songstress Nneka is the epitome of “float like a butterfly; sting like a bee.” Not a mainstream artist who garners millions of views within days, she brings quality over quantity and has magnetized thousands with her soulful lyrics and beautifully raw vocals. Bringing in numerous fans between Nigeria and Germany, Nneka communicates through her music with lyrics that speak to every- body. “It’s all about you/You should your soul to the evil and the lust. And the passion and the money and you. Innocent ones die, people hunger for decades/Suffer under civilized armed-robbers, modern slaveholders.” she croons in her hit “Heart- beat”. Official website: www.nnekaworld.com 

OF MONSTERS AND MEN: Indie music in Iceland... how exciting is that? Of Monsters and Men is a six-member folk band formed in 2010 and is already making waves all over the world. Their single “Little Talks” caught on like wildfire after two prominent radio stations (KEXP and WRFF) from Seattle and Philadelphia, played their single on the airwaves. Although fairly young and new to the scene, they are already garnering fanfare with comparison to iconic groups such as Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire. OMM released their debut album “My Head Is an Animal” in the United States on April 3, 2012. It will be interesting to see how this new talent will survive in the United States. Official website: ofmonstersandmen.is 

THE JOLLY BOYS: The Jolly Boys, hailing from Port Antonio, Jamaica, are far from being “boys.” Origi- nally founded in 1955, they have enjoyed huge success throughout the 80s and 90s. This troupe specializes in mento, a Jamaican-native music style that focuses heavily on acoustic instruments. With lighthearted lyrics about heavy subject such as social issues, poverty and other things of that nature. The Jolly Boys have become quite the crowd-pleasers. Due to high demand, the smooth-jamming group released a new CD in 2010 called “Great Expectation” and are currently touring with five original members, along with three new members. Official website: www.jollyboysmusic.com