Eidé Designer Spotlight: Upper Metal Class

Upper Metal Class

Upper Metal Class jewelry is just about everything you want – and need, for that matter – in your collection of personal adornments. The brand is the vision of California-native "T," who strives to create jewelry with a "minimalist cool" aesthetic, whose simple yet sophisticated lines are the perfect complement to your everyday wardrobe. Handmade by T herself in Los Angeles, CA, Upper Metal Class is inspired by architecture, construction, math, science and nature. As T tells us, her designs are interpretations of the “strong, sleek lines and curves in buildings, imperfect yet beautiful cracks in sidewalks, cool shapes in objects and the unbelievable patterns formed by nature.”Upper Metal Class jewelry exudes confidence and is designed for strong, powerful women - and that's exactly what T is. T comes from a humble background – pregnant, her mother made her way to the US from wartime Vietnam. She worked as a production sewer in the fashion industry, and from a young age T helped her with small sewing projects. She says she has always enjoyed creating: “It was just something I did, like breathing.” T later studied at Brooks College for Fashion Design, and after graduating slowly developed Upper Metal Class as demand for her striking pieces grew. In 2010, the company became official.

What makes T and her story so exceptional, though, is that through all this artistry and style,she is constantly striving to give back to her community. Just before T turned 12, her mother opened a successful landscaping company. She is now retired and uses the money each year to travel back to Vietnam and help poor families and orphans. T inherited her generosity and humble thankfulness, and now accompanies her on charitable trips, using her own profits from Upper Metal Class to donate funds and host charitable events. Summing up the growth of her company and her own design goals, she says, “Strong values, hard work, determination and knowing where you came from -Upper Metal Class symbolizes and embodies all of these things.”

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